Services are held here at Fish Lake Lutheran:

43353 Cedarcrest Trail,

Harris, Mn 55032

Sunday Morning services are at 10:00 AM followed by coffee and treats.

Any additional services will be announced on our calendar and on our website.


Fish Lake Lutheran will host weddings for active members and immediate family members of active members. 


Couples wishing to be married at Fish Lake will also need to attend three premarital sessions with the Pastor, covering matters of faith and partnership in marriage.  If you wish to hold a wedding at Fish Lake, please contact the church office for more information and a full list of services available and prices.

Wednesday Family Night

Each Wednesday night through the school year members of all ages gather to worship and learn about the God who created us, claimed us, and loves us dearly. 


Kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade gather at 5:00pm for our Faith Weavers program.  Each night includes a Bible story, a video to help us relate the story to our lives, and activities to help us think about the story more fully.  Class ends with a meal at 6:00pm.


Youth in grades 6-12 meet from 6:00pm-7:00pm on Wednesdays.  The high school students gather for fellowship and Christian conversation in our youth room, while the 6-8th grade students participate in our Confirmation program.  We will read a Bible story and participate in activities to better understand what God is saying to us through the story.  This program culminates in the Rite of Confirmation in the spring of the 8th grade year.


Bring the whole family to Fish Lake to grow together in faith and love toward one another and toward God!


Fish Lake Lutheran has a beautiful cemetery on our grounds with over a century of history. 


Burial plots are available with both member and non-member pricing.  Scattering of ashes is not permitted on the cemetery grounds.  Fish Lake also hosts funerals for those who have passed, whether they are to be buried in our cemetery or not. 


A full schedule of services available can be requested from the church office.